We provide only specialized accounting consulting services.

Business Consulting

VLC is a business consulting firm providing forensic investigative accounting, business validation and financial modeling services.

Professional Education

VLC members and affiliates have earned advanced academic degrees, multiple professional accreditations and regularly prepare published materials and presentations for professional organizations.

Litigation Consulting

VLC members assisted in developing litigation support training materials for accrediting business valuation organizations and are contributors and members of the administrative board of the Daubert Tracker.

Expert Witness Testimony

VLC has assisted trial attorneys in preparing financial discovery, direct examination of experts (deposition and trial), visual aid construction and trial preparation.

Recent Articles

  • Daubert - The Evolution of a Profession

    Mark Shirley from The Valuation Examiner May/June 2001 | Thu December 12, 2013

    Prior to 1993, the Judicial standard for determining the admissibility of novel scientific evidence was that established in Frye v. United States1. The criteria articulated in Frye addresses the "general...

  • The Debate - Does Daubert Create New Standards for Business Valuations?

    William A. Hanlin, Jr. and Mark W. Shirley | Thu December 12, 2013

    What Have Been the Practical Effects of Daubert?

    Since the Kuhmo Tire decision in 1999 (Kuhmo Tire Co., Ltd. v. Patrick Carmichael, etc., et al, 119 S. Ct. 1167 (March 1999), valuation analysts have been bombarded...

  • Straight Talk about Statistics - A Survey of False Inferences

    Mark W. Shirly | Tue July 18, 2006

    I. Introduction

    The objective of this article is to promote informed discussion regarding common false inferences from numeric data. False inferences are frequently promoted as statistics, predictors, and benchmarks in...

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