Divorce & Property Settlement Analysis

It is no surprise that financial issues are among the most contentious in divorce actions. The financial aspects associated with marital disputes and dissolution are often complex and consume most of the effort and attention of the parties. Forensic accountants (most often CPAs) possess unique skills that allow them to provide valuable support to divorcing spouses and their attorneys. While attorneys have traditionally engaged accountants to assist with general financial issues related to divorce, attorneys are increasingly relying upon forensic accountants to provide more in-depth forensic services beyond alimony and child support calculations. The stakes are rising in today’s volatile economic climate and employing the expertise of a qualified forensic accountant can make a considerable difference in the outcome for your client. 23

Forensic accountants are an invaluable resource to attorneys in divorce litigation, and, when utilized appropriately, their examinations can facilitate a more equitable settlement. While the need for a forensic accountant depends upon a variety of circumstances of each case, including the size of the marital estate, the extent of actual or perceived marital misconduct, the financial needs of the dependent spouse post-dissolution, etc., the reward will generally exceed the money invested in fees and costs. 24


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